Honeymoon Vacation: Anything but Bora Boring!

Mark and Troy Kruise

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Tahiti overwater bungalows

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...Not to say the Kruses didn't get the peaceful getaway they wanted from the expert travel agents at All-Inclusive Vacations...

… They did!

“It was the best trip we’ve ever taken. Ever, ever, ever, ever!” said Troy Kruse, who gushed enthusiastically about the service he and husband Mark Kruse received from All-Inclusive Vacations for both their Destination Wedding and their Vacation Honeymoon.

“We called All-Inclusive Vacations,” Mark added, “and we said, ‘I know we’ve already spent some money (on their wedding in Mexico)… but we want to take another week.”

“What about Bora Bora?”

And the pros at All-Inclusive Vacations knew all about Bora Bora, Troy said. “Before we even knew that’s what we wanted!”

As always, it all started with a no-obligation “Honeymoon Exploration Session.” And since Mark and Troy had just taken advantage of All-Inclusive Vacations’ expert travel agent services for their Destination Wedding, helping the newlyweds create their dream Vacation Honeymoon was a no-brainer for the pros at All-Inclusive Vacations.

“They just said, ‘Look a these three options, think about what you want, and let’s get it booked!” Mark said.

“They gave us the perfect choices,” Troy said. “Everything was set up for what we wanted… very private, very quiet… the week we were there at the resort in Bora Bora, it was like we had the place to ourselves. We saw maybe 25, maybe 30 other people the entire week.”

And that’s just what they’d wanted. Private… intimate… a great time and place to celebrate their new life together.

“They found us a resort where relaxation was the whole point.” Troy said.

“We’re not going to do this again,” Mark added. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing. So if we were going to do a Vacation Honeymoon, we wanted to go for something that was first or second on the ‘bucket list’ for both of us.”

“We wanted an over-water bungalow,” Troy said. “And as soon as he heard that, Steve at All-Inclusive Vacations immediately thought of options in Bora Bora. He already knew just where and how to do that trip!”

Steve Lord, one of the vacation experts at All-Inclusive Vacations, knew the Kruses would love their Bora Bora honeymoon.

“They’re busy professionals,” Lord said. “They know their own clients rely on pros to help them with things they don’t do every day, so Mark and Troy appreciated the value of having us take on the detailed planning of their honeymoon.”

The Kruses trusted the vacation pros at All-Inclusive Vacations to think through every detail of their once-in-a-lifetime Vacation Honeymoon… and Lord and his team didn’t miss a trick.

“We flew home from the wedding in Mexico with our families, and we were home in Denver for about twenty hours,” Troy recalled. “We were treated like royalty from start to finish! The car service, very specific instructions for everyone who took care of us… we never had to wonder what was going to happen next.”

“They knew all about how to enjoy just the right experience in Bora Bora,” Mark said. “Just what we wanted. They said things like ‘take this flight, get this boat trip, tip here and don’t tip there… very detail-oriented.”


“It really was over-the-top, seven stars out of five, amazingness,” Troy echoed.

What advice would the Kruses have for folks looking for where to start to get the vacation get-away (or Vacation Honeymoon) of their dreams?

“Write a list of your wants and needs,” Mark said, “and then call All-Inclusive Vacations. Ask them, ‘Do you think this is possible?’ And you’ll be amazed at how they probably know exactly how to turn your wish list into a list of realities.”

“Your head will spin.”

“And don’t be afraid to say ‘I have this fear,’ or ‘I’m worried about this happening.’ They actually want to know all that, and they listen to y our needs very carefully,” Troy said. “They are excellent at making sure you experience what you want to experience… and that you don’t experience what you don’t want.”

The Dream Vacation Honeymoon can be a reality with the expert assistance you get from All-Inclusive Vacations… and Mark and Troy Kruse will be the first to tell you so.

“We add time to our clients’ lives,” Steve Lord said. “Our clients aren’t wasting hours in front of their computer. We are pros… we want to take the time to plan everything for our clients’ vacations, and to do it just right.”

The  experts at All-Inclusive Vacations know there are several major phases of a great Vacation Honeymoon event… and Mark and Troy will tell you they’re “perfect advisors” in all of them:

  • Schedule your Vacation Exploration Session… start dreaming!
  • Collaborate, compare… and get it booked.
  • Coordinate with the resort and activity providers… down to the last detail.
  • Travel, celebrate… and enjoy!
  • Welcome home… and All-Inclusive Vacations wants your feedback!

“From the first dream to the final unpacking, it’s like they’re actually with you, every step of the way,” Troy said.

“We have to be excellent listeners,” Steve Lord said. “We ask a lot of open questions… things the clients probably haven’t thought about. Questions like What do you really want to experience… and what do you really not want to experience? We really want to know… and to turn those dreams into reality.”

Mark and Troy couldn’t agree more.

“We absolutely felt heard,” Mark said. “We told them what we thought we needed, and they were great at filling in with what they knew we needed that we’d never have thought about.”

“And they got it all done!” Troy said.

All-Inclusive Vacations saved us money!” Mark added. “Thanks to all their advance work, we knew exactly what we were going to want before we got there… and All-Inclusive Vacations helped us spend money on the right things and not spend on things that really weren’t going to add.”

“They helped us enjoy the perfect honeymoon… and let us return home with money to spare!”


All-Inclusive Vacations is where busy, savvy people in love go for their perfect “Dream” Vacation Honeymoon. To learn more about how you and your sweetheart can make your dream honeymoon come true – just like Mark and Troy Kruse did – get in touch with the professional travel advisors at All-Inclusive Vacations today. We promise you’ll get prompt, personal attention… expert advice… and an all-inclusive enthusiasm to get to know you and your dreams. We look forward to meeting you!

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