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Troy and Mark Kruse Put All-Inclusive Vacations On The Job…

… And got the destination wedding of their dreams.

Mark and Troy Kruse were BUSY Denver professionals… VERY much in love… and dreaming of the PERFECT wedding.

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All their friends and family close-at-hand… beautiful, sun-drenched surroundings… blue waves rolling over the nearby crystal white-sand beach… everything fabulous and unforgettable, from exquisite meals to exciting activities everyone could enjoy as the two celebrated their life together.

Riviera Maya, Mexico! That sounded like just the ticket.

But the challenge with creating such a fantastic destination wedding experience… outstanding memories for everyone in the group… is dealing with a seemingly endless list of details involved in such an undertaking.

Especially since, given this will be a “once in a lifetime” event, by definition, Mark and Troy had never done this before!

“We had no idea,” Mark said. “We’d n ever planned a wedding before!”

“Were we going to have to get our parents’ flights?” Troy added. “How do we check out these booking websites, let alone the hotels they recommend?”

The guest list… travel schedules… hotel reservations… getting the right rooms… arranging meals…

The list goes on and on.

And bear in mind: these guys are already over-busy with their jobs, their kids, and everything we all have going on in what we call our lives.

“If we’d had to do this all ourselves, we just wouldn’t have had the wedding we wanted.” Troy said. “We knew we needed help.”

“And we’re professionals ourselves, in the business of helping our own clients with our expertise on things they don’t know,” Mark said, “so we recognized right away the value of getting some professional help on the job!”

The Solution? The deep Destination Wedding expertise of the pro team at All-Inclusive Vacations.

Mark and Troy scheduled a Destination Wedding “Exploration Session” with Steve Lord at All-Inclusive Vacations… and, to hear the newlyweds tell it, things came together “like magic.”

“People often do themselves – and their wedding guests – a great disservice when they try to plan something like this on their own,” said Steve Lord. “You can spend hours and hours online, and think you have everything nailed, only to be shocked to see how many things go wrong when you get there, hundreds or thousands of miles away from home.”

“You just don’t know what you don’t know.”

“And that website you trusted? They’re not traveling with you, ready to handle anything that comes up. Only an experienced professional can do that. And that’s what we set out to do for Mark and Troy,” Lord added.

“They helped us get our guest list together,” Troy said. “They gave us options on hotels, and helped us book all the flights for three, four, even seven-day options.”

“The first hotel option was a little more expensive than we wanted,” Mark remembered, ‘so they found us another place that worked well for our ninety-two guests.”

Yes, 92!

And Mark and Troy had started with a guest list of 25!

“They worked with the resort wedding planners,” Mark said, “and they went down a few months before the wedding, met with them, checked everything out, even offered to take some stuff down for us.”

“And they really knew that hotel,” Troy added. “They knew we wanted our rooms on a certain side of the property, all that stuff.”

“All-Inclusive Vacations kept an eye on everything, from booking flights to reserving hotel rooms, over almost a year,” Mark said. “They’d found a hotel that worked great for 25… then 50… then 75… and we ended up with 92 guests! It really was a moving target. The hotel sold out! And All-Inclusive Vacations kept monitoring the interest, and they were able to warn us in advance that the hotel would sell out.”

“Luckily, we were able to get everybody in,” Troy said. “That would not even have been possible without All-Inclusive Vacations.”
The Dream Destination Wedding can be a reality with the expert assistance you get from All-Inclusive Vacations… and Mark and Troy Kruse will be the first to tell you so.

“We add time to our clients’ lives,” Steve Lord said. “Our clients aren’t wasting hours in front of their computer. We are pros… we want to take the time to plan everything for our clients’ destination weddings just right.”

The experts at All-Inclusive Vacations know there are six major phases of a great Destination Wedding event… and Mark and Troy will tell you they’re “perfect advisors” in all six:

  1. Schedule your Complimentary Destination Wedding Exploration Session… start dreaming!
  2. Collaborate, compare… and get it booked.
  3. Notify your guests… as far in advance as possible… and keep an eye on the interest.
  4. Coordinate with the resort’s wedding/event planners… down to the last detail.
  5. Travel, celebrate… and enjoy!
  6. Welcome home… and All-Inclusive Vacations wants your feedback!

“From the first dream to the final unpacking, it’s like they’re actually with you, every step of the way,” Troy said.

“We have to be excellent listeners,” Steve Lord said. “We ask a lot of open questions… things the clients probably haven’t thought about. Questions like: What do you really want to experience… and what do you really not want to experience? We really want to know… and to turn those dreams into reality.”

Mark and Troy couldn’t agree more.

“We absolutely felt heard,” Mark said. “We told them what we thought we needed, and they were great at filling in with what they knew we needed that we’d never have thought about.”

And they got it all done!” Troy said, ‘and they stayed ahead of everything.”

“All-Inclusive Vacations saved us money!” Mark added. “Thanks to all their advance work, we knew exactly what we were going to want before we got there… and All-Inclusive Vacations helped us spend money on the right things and not spend on things that really weren’t going to add.”

“Left us more money for the honeymoon!”

All-Inclusive Vacations is where busy, savvy people in love go for their perfect “Dream” Destination Wedding. To learn more about how you and your sweetheart can make your dream wedding come true – just like Mark and Troy Kruse did – get in touch with All-Inclusive Vacations today. We promise you’ll get prompt, personal attention… expert advice… and an all-inclusive enthusiasm to get to know you and your dreams. We look forward to meeting you!


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