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Half-day Inshore Fishing from Playa Flamingo (James and Lisa's first choice)

Costa Rica is famous for it’s offshore sport fishing. Big game sport fish and billfish are abundant in these waters, and Costa Rica enjoys some of the calmest seas of any big game fishing ground in the world. Marlin, sailfish, dorado, wahoo and roosterfish are all present in these abundant waters. Our boats come fully equipped with all gear and tackle. Our captains and crew are experienced fisherman intimately familiar with these waters. You only need to bring sunscreen and some muscle to land your giant catch!

What's Included:

  • Private transportation
  • Use of snorkeling equipment
  • Bottled water
  • Soda/pop
  • Snacks

What to Expect

We offer a half-day of inshore fishing around the beautiful islands off the coast of Flamingo Beach. We angle for mahi-mahi, red snapper, yellowfin tuna, jack carvelle and the pride of Costa Rican waters, the rooster fish (a great fighting fish that will leave your arms tired and a smile on your face). All of our Flamingo Beach fishing trips include a cooler filled with ice cold drinks and snacks.

Additional Information

  • Not recommended for pregnant travelers
  • No heart problems or serious medical conditions
  • This is a private tour with a maximum of 4 participants

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Lake Arenal

Lake Arenal boat tourArenal Suspended Bridge

Arenal Hanging Bridges ParkArenal Hot SpringsArenal Rainforest

Arenal Volcano Rainforest and Hot Springs

Explore miles upon miles of nature and discover why Costa Rica is paradise with the full-day Arenal Volcano tour, which includes unforgettable visits to its surrounding rainforest and nearby hot springs. Take a boat ride across the largest lake in the country to observe the imposing Arenal Volcano, then walk through the rainforest and explore the canopy on hanging bridges. Wind it down with a relaxing dip in a hot spring and top off your day with a gourmet dinner and one last scenic view of the iconic volcano.

Encounter Costa Rica with the best Arenal Volcano tour

Your Arenal Volcano rainforest and hot springs excursion begins bright and early in the morning as you board an air-conditioned vehicle, the best transportation from your Guanacaste resort. The road to the Arenal region in Alajuela province is very vibrant, so take in the stunning views of the changing scenery and vegetation. This is thanks to the breathtaking transition from the warmer tropical dry forest to the cooler temperatures and wetter weather of the tropical rainforest.

The road trip will finally bring you to Lake Arenal, the biggest lake in Costa Rica deep in the Arenal Tilaran Conservation Area. This 790-square-mile national park is home to alluring flora and fauna, and its star is, of course, the still active Arenal Volcano. Before it erupted in 1968, the locals thought it was merely a small mountain and they had only a suspicion regarding its volcanic powers. But after it erupted, Arenal Volcano transformed the gorgeous landscape around it and the locals returned to repopulate the area, now aware of the volcano being a towering provider of new natural resources.

Cruise on Lake Arenal with a delightfully panoramic boat ride

Once you’re on the banks of Lake Arenal, you’ll get to energize for your Arenal Volcano tour with an early lunch, also giving you a chance to breathe in the fresh rainforest air and take in all the naturally majestic views around you. Soon enough, you’ll board the boat that will take you on a magnificent cruise across Lake Arenal. Feel the wind in your face as the captain gently navigates the boat, and observe the awe-inspiring scenery of trees flanking the lake’s waters. The impressive Arenal Volcano will be front and center after a short while, providing a picture-worthy opportunity to see one of the more iconic landmarks in Costa Rica.

When the boat ride ends, you’ll find yourself on the other side of Lake Arenal, where you’ll be very close to the sector of the Arenal Tilaran Conservation Area you’ll explore. But first you’ll make a pit stop before heading out into the place that has been appropriately nicknamed ‘The Jewel of the Earth’ because of the rich biodiversity and greenery you’re about to encounter.

See Costa Rica’s rainforest canopy by walking on hanging bridges

A short drive is all it takes for you to be at one of the area’s premier hanging bridges park, which traverses deep into the most scenic parts of the Alajuela province rainforest. Expert bilingual guides will greet you and prepare you for a walk that begins at the foothills surrounding the volcano. As you continue your trek into the park, you’ll encounter a vast variety of flora and you might even spot some of Costa Rica’s mystical fauna.

But to really get the best views of the towering Arenal Volcano and the rich vegetation of its conservation area, you’ll have to walk on the hanging bridges that go high above the canopy. Keep your balance as you stroll above the verdant rainforest, and be completely amazed as you see how the ravines are filled with richly green trees that span all the way to the volcano.

Refresh your soul in the waters of Titoku hot springs

After your adventurous trek into the Costa Rican rainforest concludes, you’ll surely be in need of relaxation and refreshment. In this Central American paradise, the best way to wind down is by relaxing in one of the Arenal area’s more famous hot springs — Titoku, whose waters emanate to the surface with the heat generated from inside the volcano. Upon entering the Titoku property, you’ll feel like you’re stepping into a garden of paradise with so much perfectly landscaped flora all around you.

When you’ve changed into your swimsuit, get comfortable and feel rejuvenated the moment you immerse yourself into Titoku’s heavenly waters, whose volcanic warmth will massage your entire body. Don’t be surprised if the relaxation extends all the way to your soul. This otherworldly experience will take away all your worries and will put you in touch with the depth of the Earth’s spirit.

Savor a gourmet dinner with a view at Arenal Kioro restaurant

The only way to follow up your gratifying immersion into Titoku hot springs is to savor a refined dinner at a place that captures the essence of the Arenal Volcano tour — the Arenal Kioro restaurant. Satisfy your sense of taste with an upscale dining experience that includes gourmet dinner choices such as steak, fish and vegetarian options. Refresh with a soft drink, or purchase a nice glass of wine to let the evening captivate you even more.

Not only will dinner please your taste buds, your senses of sight and sound will be piqued as well. As you look outside the windows of Arenal Kioro restaurant, let the inspiring view of the majestic Arenal Volcano be one of your dinner companions, and listen to the sounds of nature from different types of birds and even an occasional monkey. Because dinner happens right before the sun sets, you’ll get to watch how the ambience changes into an otherworldly painting of light and magic, transforming into evening. This is the perfect ending to a perfect natural adventure, before you board your vehicle for the return trip to your Guanacaste resort.

      Tour Language: English / Spanish
      Location(s): Guanacaste
      Season: All year long
      Duration: 14 hours (approx.)
      Includes Transport: Yes
      Good physical condition required: Yes
      Minimum age requirement: 6 years old
      Suitable for children: No
      Suitable for the elderly: No
      Pregnant women allowed: No

river tubing

Pure Adrenaline Tour

Go deep into Costa Rica’s forest landscapes and live a day of total exhilaration with the Pure Adrenaline tour in the mountainous heart of Guanacaste province. Experience a series of exciting adventures as you immerse yourself into the vibrant Rincon de la Vieja Volcano area. Gallop gently through the great outdoors on a horseback riding trek. Refresh yourself with exhilaration by tubing on the rapids of Rio Negro. Then chase your thrills in the air with zip lines and jungle swings, exploring this natural paradise from different angles and becoming one with nature on an electrifying all-day excursion!

Feel the pure adrenaline of Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Your totally thrilling encounter with the natural world starts out early in the morning with pick-up from your Guanacaste resort aboard an air-conditioned vehicle. The ride takes about an hour and a half, so get comfortable as you travel through the roadways of Costa Rica. Be amazed as you rise higher into the dryer tropical forest while climbing up the mountains near Rincon de la Vieja National Park.

Soon enough, you’ll arrive to the adventure center at a hacienda, where your day of pure adrenaline will kick off. Your hosts and guides will welcome you into this incredible place tucked away in the mountains, with astounding greenery that will take your breath away at every turn. You’ll be briefed about your day ahead before you gear up and get ready for an excursion full of awe-inspiring adventures.

See the greenery of the countryside by horseback

Once you’re ready to go, the first portion of your Pure Adrenaline tour will consist of an unforgettable horseback ride through the Guanacaste countryside. Your bilingual guides will pair you up with the right horse according to your size and skills, and don’t be nervous if it’s your first time riding a horse — no previous riding experience is required for this outing.

As you ride your loyal steed, you’ll gallop your way into the forest trail. You’ll be feeling completely inspired by the sights that bow down to the mighty Rincon de la Vieja Volcano. Additionally, watch for some of the 300 bird species that inhabit the area, as well as interesting fauna like iguanas, howler monkeys, spider monkeys and white-nosed coatis.

Go tubing down the river rapids of Rio Negro

Your journey continues through the forest until your horse takes you to the calmer currents of Rio Negro, one of the rivers that cut through the expansive natural area you’ve been exploring. Leave your trusted steed behind, change into your bathing suit and water shoes, then gear up with a helmet to experience the refreshment and excitement of white water rafting in Guanacaste.

Grab an inner tube and follow your expert guide for a glide down Rio Negro’s dynamic currents. You’ll float over 3 miles of Class 1 and 2 rapids, which provide a variation of speed and jaggedness to make this an equally thrilling and soaking journey. Your guides will be on hand throughout your aquatic trek to ensure your total safety, and you’ll also pass through gentler pools that will help you admire nature and see why Costa Rica really is like the Garden of Eden in Central America.

Take your exhilaration to the air with a zip lining tour

After you’ve soaked yourself with the excitement of white water rapids, get ready for even more pure adrenaline by going above the legendary canopy of Costa Rica. You’ll go on a high-flying circuit that includes seven exhilarating zip lines that will transport you high above the forest and over the same river upon which you had just made a splash.

Feel the rush as the adrenaline pumps through your body and the wind gushes across your face. Experience a high amount of inspiration by soaring over the wondrous nature inside the mountain ranges that flank the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano, which you might get to view if weather conditions are just right.

More adrenaline with a Tarzan swing and a rock climbing wall

But the fun and elation are not over when you finish your zip line adventure, as there’s even more excitement with even more airborne thrills. Test your bravery by going on two Tarzan swings, which will give you a surge of adrenaline as you move like a pendulum with each round. Then keep your balance as you dare walk through a hanging bridge high above the river.

You can even harness all your energy by taking on a natural rock climbing wall, as well as ‘via ferrata’ climbing routes and traverses over the crags. And you can even descend down a cliff as you hold on to a controlled 65-foot (20-meter) rappel, an activity that will surely unleash the daredevil in you.

Enjoy a Costa Rican buffet lunch made from fresh ingredients

Once you finish your high-flying adventure, return to the ground and head back to the adventure center. To recover from the high doses of adrenaline you’ve felt during your outing, you’ll no doubt need to refuel your energy. Luckily, you’ll get to enjoy a buffet lunch that features traditional Costa Rican food, offering plenty of choices that highlight the flavor of this Central American paradise.

The menu is especially designed to feature farm-to-table meals, using only the freshest ingredients that mostly come from the restaurant’s own gardens. Plus, rest assured that there will be a selection of vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options as well. When you finish your meal, say goodbye to your hosts and hop back on your vehicle for the ride back to your resort, giving you time to reflect on all the thrilling memories you’ve made on your unforgettable, high-adrenaline day.

      Tour Language: English / Spanish
      Location(s): Guanacaste
      Season: All year long
      Duration: 8 hours (approx.)
      Includes Transport: Yes
      Good physical condition required: Yes
      Minimum age requirement: 8 years old
      Suitable for children: No
      Maximum age permitted: 65 years old
      Suitable for the elderly: No
      Maximum weight permitted: 286 lbs (130 kg)
      Pregnant women allowed: No

lazy river tubingrapelriver floatplatform swingclimbing wallrapel smilehorseback riding


mud spring

mud calderavolcano steamsmoking craterwaterfall viewbubbling mud

Rincon de la Vieja Volcano National park Hiking Tour

Surround yourself with lush Costa Rican forest and discover landscapes shaped by an active volcano with a tour of Rincon de la Vieja National Park. Take in stunning views of the volcano that bears this park’s name, and witness bubbling mud pits and volcanic fumaroles. Also visit a stunning waterfall and be on the lookout for the colorful fauna that inhabits this paradise during your full-day hike.

Discover Costa Rica’s abundant wildlife

Following pick-up at your resort, you’ll arrive at Rincon de la Vieja National Park for a tour led by a knowledgeable bilingual guide. Take a hike along this 55-square-mile piece of rainforest with more than 300 bird species that call the park home.

Be on the lookout for colorful birds like curassows, eagles and the emerald toucan. The park is also home to cougars, jaguars, monkeys, kinkajous and many more wildlife species, which you may spot — if you’re lucky! — during your visit.

View volcanic activity and a waterfall

During your tour of the Rincon de la Vieja National Park, your guide will point out fascinating views created by the volcano, such as fumaroles — openings in the ground where volcanic fumes escape — and mud pits bubbling with the same vapors.

You’ll also visit the beautiful Oropendola Waterfall, which you’ll admire as it inspires you to take some of the most breathtaking photographs of Costa Rican beauty preserved by nature. Also, you’ll have time for a complete lunch that includes soda and freshly brewed coffee.

Learn about the history of this active volcano

Your excursion takes place around the base of Rincon de la Vieja volcano, one of six active volcanoes in Costa Rica. Learn from your tour guide about the volcano’s name — Spanish for ‘old woman’s corner’ — as local legend has it that a young girl lost her love to the volcano and chose to remain alone on the hills for the rest of her life.

Following your full-day visit to this magical area, the hiking trail loops back to base camp, where air-conditioned transportation awaits to take you back to your resort.

Tour Language: English / Spanish
Location(s): Guanacaste
Season: All year long
Duration: 8 hours (approx.)
Includes Transport: Yes
Good physical condition required: Yes
Minimum age requirement: 6 years old
Suitable for children: No
Maximum age permitted: 65 years
Maximum weight permitted: 198 lbs (90 kg)
Pregnant women allowed: No

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