It’s Your Wedding…
Congratulations, by the way!

Destination Weddings take a little bit of planning. And here’s where you begin!

1. Work with a qualified Travel Advisor. All of us at AIV have worked closely with a variety of hotels throughout Mexico and the Caribbean.

2. With the advice of your Advisor, decide when you want to get married.

3. Decide where you want to get married.

4. Then pick the right hotel (based on price, quality rating and whether it takes families with children or just adults).

5. Next, your Advisor will contact the hotel’s Wedding Staff to lock-in your date and time preference. This may require a deposit from you.

6. The Bride then prepares to send out her “Save the Dates” and/or Wedding Invitations. At the same time, your Travel Advisor gets started preparing suitable “package and hotel-only” prices to satisfy your guest’s needs.

We will create a complimentary Wedding Web Page for you (on  where you and all your guests may visit to get pricing and other important resort information.

7. Your Travel Advisor then puts you, the Bride, in contact with your Hotel Wedding Coordinator and the two of you begin going over Wedding Packages, colors, Ceremony sites, reception, music, guest gifts…you name it!

8. Your Invitations should encourage all your guests to call the Travel Advisor and book their travel arrangements. Every booking goes toward your room total and “discounts” you could earn!

9. Two weeks prior to departure, a prepared rooming list is sent to the Wedding Coordinator so she or he can hand pick the hotel rooms, trying to keep everyone together.

10. You carry your Wedding dress on board, and the flight attendant smiles as they hang it in the closet.

11. You arrive at the hotel in anticipation of meeting your Wedding Coordinator, the person who’s going to help make your Dreams come true.

12. Your guests arrive and you couldn’t be happier. You’ve had the most perfect day of your life.

And you live happily ever after!   


You truly have outdone yourself on this one!

¬The Dreams Resort was amazing! Jacki was amazing! Our friends and guest had an amazing time and though of this place as a goldmine!! And more than anything the wedding was the best part!! I cannot even begin to describe how great it was and how happy Chelsea and I are with the outcome of this. You definitely have costumers for life with Chelsea and me.
You have even made an impact on one of my great friends and his new fiance! They of course booked with you and are interested in a destination wedding or something of the sort as well. His name is Joey Deland, and he would like to talk more with you on the matter, I have CC’d him on the email and will pass your numbers through this email as well. He is my guy, take care of him as you did us.
Thanks again Steve! You will be hearing from us again, and will send you a wedding picture soon as can. Off to the next resort!!
You’re the man!”  

Chase and Chelsea McBride, June 25, 2012

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