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There are three major stumbling blocks most people encounter when trying to plan their own vacation:

  • Too much information
  • Lack of time
  • Lack of knowledge or experience

“This is Steve and I have to say… what I’m about to tell you is something that happens at lot to me. Jeff and I will be dining with fellow passengers on a cruise ship or at a resort and invariably they’ll find out that we’re in the travel industry. As sure as I am bald, one of our table mates will feel compelled to share his “worst vacation ever” story. He drones on and on…while the rest of us sit there “aghast” at what he and his wife had to endure. Then comes the part when I say…”my God, that’s awful”. “Did you book that trip with a travel advisor?”

Folks, you don’t vacation often enough that you should risk having a bad experience. I know this because polls from both Forbes and CNN indicate that 57% of working Americans had nine to eleven vacation days left at the end of 2014.

Please do yourself a favor…stack the odds of having a good experience in your favor by using the services of a professional travel advisor.

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  • Too much information

Information overload on the Internet is a major stumbling block for individuals, couples, families and groups trying to plan a vacation; there are simply too many options.

Trying to plan a vacation online involves too many:

  • Hotels (there are over 500 All-Inclusive hotels, each with their own personality!)
  • Flight times and classes of service
  • Destinations and the best time of the year for good weather
  • Travel dates and when to book to get the best deal
  • Price variations with different room categories, and more

It’s no wonder that after an hour of searching online you don’t feel like you’ve gotten anywhere! Couldn’t you be spending your time more wisely? Isn’t there someone you can go to for help?

beaches-1When you’re trying to wade through travel options online, you’ll quickly discover, it’s easy to tell what’s “cheapest,” but nearly impossible to spot the best value! It’s hard to tell just what you’re really buying on most travel websites.

Unless you did this all the time, how would you know what to believe when it comes to “advisor” sites and travelers’ reviews, or how to distinguish what’s “real” from complete misinformation?

Too often, information overload leads people to overlook or misunderstand the genuine value all-inclusive vacations present. An all-inclusive vacation that includes meals, snacks, bottled water and even alcoholic beverages lets you put your wallet away until it’s time to leave again for home!

  • Lack of time

You don’t have the time, and this is a big problem if you’re trying to plan a vacation. During the day most people try to “sneak” travel planning in at work or at night, after the kids have gone to bed and you’re exhausted yourself. I make my worst mistakes when I tired.

kitchen thingA few minutes here, a few minutes there and it can take forever to try to plan a trip for yourself. To make matters worse, the more people you travel with, the more complex and time-consuming the planning becomes. How many people put-off taking a vacation simply because they don’t have to time to plan one? Why not let someone who does vacation planning for a living, do it for you?

Today the world has changed when it comes to travel planning; there are more and more choices and less and less time to sort them out!

  • Lack of knowledge and experience

Planning travel is a case where, “what you don’t know can hurt you”.

Planning your dream vacation involves an amount of knowledge and level of experience most people don’t have. Information changes all the time and unless you’re in the travel industry, how will you know…What you don’t know? Here’s an example: Proof of Citizenship. The TSA now wants to make sure you have at least 6 months left on your Passport when you return from your trip. Who knew?

Without asking for professional help, you’re taking a risk that you know enough to ensure your family is going to have a wonderful vacation. Shift that responsibility to us!


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A few of the most common travel-booking mistakes you could make include:

  • Buying solely based on price…instead of value
  • Failing to comparison shop
  • Making data-entry mistakes like your name not matching your passport
  • Not reading the flight schedule correctly
  • Buying from a company that has a bad reputation for providing little, if any customer service (to help you fix the mistakes or make changes)
  • Paying for your whole trip upfront when you could get by making a small down payment
  • Booking too late and having to compromise with air and hotel “sell-outs”
  • Neglecting to purchase Travel Insurance that protects your investment and your health
  • Ignoring seasonality and paying high prices for peak travel periods

Mistakes such as these happen due to a lack of knowledge and experience – and they can cost you dearly!

People insist on hiring professionals in most instances which they’ll be spending a significant amount of money. You may have an accountant, a lawyer, a personal trainer, an insurance broker, a realtor and an investment advisor.

Relying on a knowledgeable, experienced professional to manage your most precious resource – your leisure vacation time – only makes sense! You can avoid information overload on the web, save yourself valuable time and prevent costly mistakes by engaging the services of a professional, trustworthy travel advisor.

Fancy hotelYou can rely on a specialist to go the extra mile to deliver a personalized, customized vacation that suits your needs, preferences and budget.

A specialist who has firsthand knowledge of vacation destinations and hotels knows how to ask the right questions to help define your needs and desires and listens carefully to your answers. You can then narrow down your options and choose the ideal destination and hotel for your vacation.

When you choose the right travel advisor, you can look forward to building a relationship with someone who knows you and understands your travel preferences.

If you’re ready to start planning your dream all-inclusive vacation.

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