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How We’re Different

Why All Inclusive Vacations is Different Than Other Travel Agents or Online Vacation Websites

When you opt to work with All Inclusive Vacations, you can look forward to a unique experience that provides many benefits.

Planning and arranging a vacation with All Inclusive Vacations is unlike anything you’ve experienced with other travel agencies or online travel booking sites.


Our trip was a complete success. We had the best time ever. Thanks for all your arrangements. Everything went just as planned. p.s. Next we want an Alaska cruise during whale watching season-maybe 2011

Cathy Bailey Aurora, Colorado USA

Firsthand Experience and Specialized Expertise

Experience and specialized expertise are two of the biggest differences between All Inclusive Vacations and other travel agencies or booking sites.

All Inclusive Vacations’ travel advisors aren’t salespeople or order takers, we’re experts – experts at travel locations, hotels, cities and activities.

We travel extensively to the destinations and sail on the cruise ships we recommend, so you receive the benefit of our first-hand experiences.

When you work with All Inclusive Vacations, you’ll discover we’re opinionated about every hotel, cruise, destination and excursion we sell.

You don’t have to sift through online reviews or wonder what your hotel or cruise ship will really be like – we already know, and we’re not afraid to tell you!

There are some hotels we just don’t recommend. We’ll only recommend hotels we’re confident you’ll love!

We’ll help you cut through the clutter and information overload on the web. (Even the worst hotels look good online!)

We’ll give you our honest assessment on destinations, hotels, and excursions.

Imagine you come to us requesting a 4 night all-inclusive stay in Las Vegas to celebrate your spouse’s birthday. Your budget is $700 including airfare and hotel. If we discover there’s truly nothing worth your while for less than $900, we’ll tell you so – and we’ll suggest alternatives, such as a shorter visit or possibly raising your budget.

We’re as discriminating with your travel budget as we are with our own, so you’re guaranteed the best possible experience for every dollar you spend.

We have firsthand knowledge and experience traveling to the destinations and staying in hotels within our specialty, including:

All-Inclusive hotels
Caribbean, Costa Rica, and Mexico

Our first-hand experience is what allows us to serve as valuable travel advisors. We’re really match-makers!

We listen to your needs and preferences, then rely on our actual experiences to help match you with the destination and hotel of your dreams!

Specializing has allowed us to build good relationships with destination representatives, hoteliers, wholesalers, and destination management companies.

This works to your advantage in terms of cost and customization, plus gives you the benefit of having someone in your corner at your travel destination.

Relationship-Based Travel Advisors

All Inclusive Vacation is a relationship-based business. Our goal is to provide such great service and good value for your money, you’ll come back to us again!

When you work with us, you can rest assured – we won’t sell you a vacation package we’re not convinced you’ll absolutely love. We want to see you for your next vacation, not just this one!

You can look forward to working with your own personal travel advisor before, during and after your vacation. You can feel comfortable knowing you have someone in your corner.

When you have a travel advisor on your side, you can look forward to a vacation that’s what it should be – a fun, relaxing, enjoyable and memorable experience!


Thank you for helping to plan the most fabulous birthday I could have ever thought of!!!!!  We all had such a great time… without any hitches, thanks to you.  The Catalonia was really quite nice.  I felt our set up was great.  We thought the food was quite good… the buffet was better than most… and the Japanese restaurant was fabulous!!!

Dianne Arendt, Lakewood, Colorado USA

Full-time, Accessible Travel Advisors

At All Inclusive Vacations, we’re all full-time travel advisors. This is all we do, and we’re passionate about travel and the services we provide.

We differ from other travel booking options because we’re accessible:

We provide customer service and trouble-shooting before, during, and after your vacation.

We’re easily accessible by telephone, e-mail, fax, and in-person appointments. You’re welcome to come to our office!

We’re NOT an anonymous 1-800 call center in a foreign country.

In fact, we’re so accessible – our clients know where we live! We’re so passionate about what we do – we were happy to help a client who stopped by his advisor’s house at 10:30 at night for help with an “emergency” hotel booking issue.

Exceptional Service and Support

The difference exceptional service and support makes often matters most when you encounter problems during travel.

When you book with All Inclusive Vacations, you not only have professional support available both from your travel advisor at home, but also on location at your destination.

We only work with top quality vacation package wholesalers to ensure you receive the support and service you deserve as our client.

We’re a small fish in a big pond when it comes to the travel industry, but the wholesalers we work with are very big fish indeed! The travel companies we work with to arrange your vacation include companies such as Apple Vacations and Fun Jet.

These are top suppliers who deliver an incredible amount of business to hotels, and as a result, they hold a great deal of sway.

We work with top vacation package suppliers because we know it works to your advantage in two important ways:

You have “clout” in the event of any problem at your hotel.

The wholesalers we work with have employees onsite at hotels and staff desks every day.

You can access these real people for assistance any day of your vacation to resolve any problem at all you might encounter.

You’ll receive the contact info and telephone number for your wholesale vacation company’s help desk support just in case you’re unable to reach us to resolve a problem.

You are never far from easy to access help when you book with All Inclusive Vacations.

If you book travel with Travelocity, Expedia or Orbitz, your vacation won’t be arranged through a major vacation wholesaler. You simply will not have easy access to the support you may need, or the clout that can get problems resolved quickly.

Unlike the major wholesaler companies we use, smaller companies will not have employees available on site at your hotel.

Instead, you’ll receive a toll free number that may place you on hold or neglect to connect you with a real person except during very limited hours.

The level of service provided by All Inclusive Vacations and the companies we work with directly equates to better experiences for our clients at their destinations.

If you book an Apple Vacation in Mexico, someone will be waiting for you to show up at your destination. If you don’t show up, you can count on an Apple representative to start back-tracking to locate you!

Whether it’s a simple flight delay or you’re somehow lost at the airport, someone will be looking for you and doing the research until you’re found!

There’s one very important travel issue you can prevent by avoiding online travel booking sites: the case of the disappearing reservation. If you’ve booked a hotel room online and never had this unfortunate experience, consider yourself lucky.

This occurs when you book and pay for a room through an online travel site and believe you have a reservation, yet you don’t! Essentially, your reservation number means nothing, as it was never paid for by the travel booking company.

When you book with All Inclusive Vacations, you can look forward to avoiding “disappearing reservations” forever.

Your reservations are paid for and confirmed, and you can contact your hotel within 7 days of payment to make any special hotel arrangements you might need.

Ethical Business Operations

All Inclusive Vacations is proud to operate according to ethical business standards. We’ve had an incredible BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating since the day we opened our doors.

Our customers trust us and are willing to write reviews and testimonials that speak volumes about how we operate.

We maintain an incredibly high standard of courtesy and professionalism.

We don’t charge membership fees, and we don’t sell your contact information.


You do a fabulous job with service and go above and beyond to prepare your clients for their trip.  You offered special benefits: the upgrade, the fruit and the nicely prepared packet.  I loved the personability of your picture on the business card, stamp, document holder, brochures and baggage tags.

Madonna and Alan Karcher, Jerseyville, Illinois USA

Receive Value for your Time and Money

As travel advisors, we’re like personal shoppers that are committed to ensuring you receive the best value for your vacation time and budget.

We have access to lots of different wholesalers and resources for pricing. We shop around to get you the best possible value for your money.

We compare prices between destinations, hotels, airlines, and vacation package companies.

We save your time by doing the work for you and by helping you cut through the clutter of “information overload.”

You don’t have to go into vacation planning or shopping online “blind” – you can rely on our expertise and experience to secure genuine value.

By working with All Inclusive Vacations, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you have a trusted and knowledgeable travel advisor on your side – a real person who offers support before, during, and after your vacation.

The “Lay Away” Travel Agents

Unlike most online travel retailers who require full payment at the time of booking, All Inclusive Vacations offers payment plans!

Most of the packages we recommend allow you to make an initial deposit, then work with a payment plan that gives you the flexibility to save for your vacation over time.

Your initial $50 consultation fee must be paid in full before we begin working together, but this upfront expense will apply towards the cost of your vacation.

Payment plans allow you to book vacations in advance, so the vacations you want and need to take are affordable.

You can take advantage of early booking discounts, plus enjoy the convenience of a payment plan.

“Lay away” is a much better option than charging vacations in full on credit cards with high interest rates. You can book a vacation you can truly afford with payment plans and avoid long term debt.

We choose to work with vacation package wholesalers who offer payment plans as part of their terms and conditions, and we’re happy to pass the opportunity to book now and pay over time to our clients.

Unique Approach and Step-By-Step Process

Our unique approach and step-by-step process in the way we work with our clients ensures working with us to plan and arrange your vacation will be stress-free, relaxing and fun!

You can look forward to not only a fabulous vacation, but a truly enjoyable planning experience!

We are the travel advisors you can build a long-term relationship for all your future vacation needs!

Put us to the test and see how different we truly are! Click here to get started or call 866-980-6483 to reserve a private consultation.

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Planning and arranging a vacation with All Inclusive Vacations is unlike anything you've experienced with other travel agencies or online travel booking websites. That's because we are NOT salespeople or order takers, we're experts -- experts at travel locations, hotels, cities and activities. With an A+ rating from the Denver Metro BBB, we are the travel experts you can trust and look forward to working with again and again!

Whether it's a spur of the moment trip for two...or a week long wedding extravaganza for friends and family, we provide a level of knowledge, experience and service that is rare in today's travel industry. We are not some faceless, corporate online travel website and when you call us...you'll speak to a local, live person who knows the All Inclusive travel business inside and out.

Our team of travel experts are just that -- experts you can trust. We invite you to meet our incredible team...Jeff Gregory, Steve Lord, Bob Collishaw and Thea Foley. We're here to make your all inclusive vacation, wedding or honeymoon the best and most memorable experience possible!

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