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simplify your searchGroup travel is becoming more and more popular as people are beginning to realize that friends can be even more fun…when you’re on vacation together!

All-Inclusive Vacations is the perfect resource for groups of all kinds, seeking a spectacular vacation experience!

We provide comprehensive services for groups of people traveling together for special occasions.

Group travel involves a special set of challenges since so many different people are involved. It typically involves a minimum of 5 rooms and 10 people, or a maximum of 100 people.

Typically, the large amount of work involved in planning a group vacation falls on the shoulders of one person – the group leader.

As a group leader working with All Inclusive Vacations, you can look forward to services that make planning a dream vacation for the entire group easy, efficient and fun!

Planning a group vacation can be as simple as providing us with the names and phone numbers of your group members and letting us take over from there! Groups come in all different varieties. Here are just a few examples:

Groups of family members…Groups of College companions…High School Graduation Groups…Birthday Groups…Retirement Groups…Sales Incentive Groups…Destination Wedding Groups…Golf Groups…Diving Groups…join a group or make one of your own!

“Hi Steve!! We just wanted to send you a follow up email and a HUGE Thank YOU for our Fabulous girls’ trip to Playa del Carmen. We all loved the resort so much that we never left, except to go home. It was relaxing, but the perfect amount of fun. The staff was so nice and very accommodating. The food was delicious and the accommodations were just perfect! We said we could do this every year… no need to look somewhere else. Still wishing we were there!! Huge THANKS again from ALL of us!!”

-Lauren, Jennifer, Jasmina, Stephanie, Emily, Jen, Jamie, and Melissa, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami, USA

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We have three main goals when working with group vacation leaders:

1.     Take as much work off your shoulders as possible, so you can concentrate on recruiting group members. (Leaders who recruit large numbers for their group may be eligible for free travel!)

2.     Save your time, lower your stress level and provide you with the best value for your money.

3.     Serve as the antidote to the overwhelming amount of travel information available on the Internet.

One of the reasons we’re able to achieve these goals is that as a group leader, you have one travel advisor who serves as the single point of contact for you and your group members. Your personal group travel advisor provides services related to planning, booking, communicating your message clearly to all your group members.  We provide service before, during and after your trip with such extras as complete documentation mailed to each group member.

“I worked with Steve Lord, from a referral through a friend. He was altogether 100% responsive and pleasant to work with throughout the entire trip planning for my family of 14 people to Costa Rica. He planned a perfect trip for us from beginning to end. All the family members loved the hotel and we enjoyed a bunch of extra excursions around the countryside including zip-lining, a boat tour upriver through Las Balaus National Park, and a beautiful sunset/snorkeling catamaran cruise. Thanks to you, Steve, for everything–your patience and expertise in making a memorable trip for everyone.”

– Dan Forest-Bank, Nashville TN

Copa Cabana

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1. Group Planning Services

Your travel advisor works with you as the group leader to determine the destination and hotel that best meet the needs of your group.

Your advisor asks questions and listens to your answers, then relies on first-hand knowledge about features and benefits of hotels, destinations and even excursions to help narrow down your options.

2. Vacation Booking Services

Once you’ve identified your group trip destination and hotel plans, your travel advisor will help you obtain the best possible value for your money.

Your travel advisor:

1.     Discovers and explains discounts and/or amenities your group is eligible to receive.

2.     Negotiates the group contract and pricing.

3.     Provides travel insurance information and pricing

4.     Explains the terms and conditions of the group contract.

Booking services for travel groups includes customizing the experience for each group member as needed, including date deviations, room requests, flight deviations and requests or other details like a unique celebration!

If you’d like to secure special arrangements for group dinners or meetings at your hotel, you travel advisor can handle all of this for you. We can also work with your destination management company to arrange group transportation and tours.

Your travel advisor handles all the logistics related to booking…

Including facilitating payments, providing proof of citizenship advice to group members and delivering detailed itineraries to all group members.

As a group leader, you’ll receive reports including full information about who has booked, their dates of travel and any other data you want us to collect on your behalf.

3. Follow Up Services

After your group travels, we’ll contact you for feedback about your experiences during travel and with our services. We’ll also follow up on any service issues you might have and ask if we may contact you in the future about travel news and special offers.

Superior Group Services

All-Inclusive Vacations provides superior services for travel groups. These services include creating a customized web page with your group details on the All- Inclusive Vacations website, so group leader can publicize and promote their trip.

Your travel advisor is a real person who provides customer service before, during and after your trip! We provide several modes of contact to make it convenient for you or your group members to reach your travel advisor with questions or concerns.

You can contact us by toll-free phone, e-mail, fax or in person at our office or another appointment location.

“Thanks for being so patient with us. We are thrilled to be working with you….. we’re ready to have a vacation planned…. And we’ve been talking about hooking up with a travel agent, as we really love to travel but haven’t found anyone who “gets” what we need and we mostly end up putting most trips together ourselves. You’ve been great.”

– Kevin Carroll, Centennial, Colorado USA

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The Ideal Choice for Group Travel is All-Inclusive Vacations

All of our travel advisors have firsthand knowledge and experience with the destinations and hotels within our specialty.

This benefits travel groups in three ways:

We can match you to the right destination and hotel or cruise based on our own experiences.

We can comparison shop the very best offers within our specialty areas.

We’ve established good relationships with destination representatives, hoteliers, wholesalers, and destination management companies, so you receive the best value and outstanding service.

Our specialties include:

All-Inclusive Resorts
Caribbean, Costa Rica and Mexico

All Inclusive Vacations takes a relationship based approach to travel advisement, which means we want to help arrange your group’s travel in the future, not just today! We strive to provide the outstanding service and support, courtesy and professionalism that are the foundation of building a long-term relationship.

Just a bunch of friends having dinner in a restaurant and they seem to be enjoying themselves

Family Travel

Vacations are the perfect way for families to re-connect when celebrating a life event. They present an opportunity for families to gather, reflect and have fun creating memories away from the chores of everyday life.

Families may arrange group vacations for a variety of occasions, including:

Family reunions
Multi-generational celebrations

Special Interest/Affinity Groups

A special interest or affinity group is any group of people who share a common interest or goal. It’s nearly impossible to list all of the many possible special interest groups we can match with ideal vacations!

“Thanks so much for your suggestions on our honeymoon destinations and your help to book the trip. We had a wonderful time and would not change a thing about the whole experience. Thanks again for your help and we hope to keep in touch and utilize your services again in the future.”

– Kim and Blue Grimes, Littleton, Colorado USA

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