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About All Inclusive Vacations

At All-Inclusive Vacations, we take pride in helping our clients create and plan their dream getaways.

Whether it’s a spur of the moment trip for two or a weeklong wedding extravaganza for friends and family, we provide a level of knowledge, experience and service that is rare in today’s travel industry.

Our Service Promise:

We treat all clients with respect and courtesy
We provide prompt, honest and reliable service
We listen
We respond
We offer solutions
We provide accurate and up-to-date information
We offer competitive pricing: we’ll beat or match our competitors, apples to apples

Meet Our Team of Travel Advisors


Bob CollishawBob Collishaw

I’ve always loved to travel and feel that I’ve probably learned more about life traveling than I ever did in school. Seeing, first hand, how other people live has given me a real appreciation for my own life.  Traveling also proves to me that my life is more complicated than it needs to be; that happy people, throughout the world, live much more simply than I do, and continue to be happy.

A was born in Helena, Montana in 1956.  My parents set off not long after that, in an old Ford, a U-Haul, and $50 in their pocket to find fame and fortune in California.  We settled in the Bay Area where I grew up with my four siblings.  When I was 8, my parents decided we needed a “nanny” and brought over a girl from Scotland.  This was my first exposure to other lifestyles and cultures.  I learned how my nanny grew up, what her life was like in Scotland, and discovered that I needed to experience this for myself.  I was very fortunate to be able to travel to Scotland and visit her friends and family several times throughout my life to see first hand how people in other countries live.  My interest in travel started there.

As I grew up, our family vacations mostly focused on trips to Montana and Hawaii. Our family roots were in Montana and we visited often; hiking, fishing, and enjoying wildlife at our cabin in the mountains.  My parents enjoyed their 10th anniversary (their honeymoon) on the Big Island of Hawaii and fell in love with the Islands.  >From then on, Hawaii became our “exotic” family vacation.  My parents purchased a couple condominiums on the island of Kaua’i and for the next 20 years, we spent at least a week on Kaua’i or the Big Island enjoying the resorts, the local people (Kama’aina), the culture (Aloha), and wonderful “Ohana” (family) time.  Hawai’i has always held a special place in my heart; almost being a second home to me.
I graduated from Los Gatos High School in California and decided to go to a Colorado University so I could ski.  I decided to go into teaching and the University of Northern Colorado met all my needs; except that once I arrived, I found out my new home wasn’t in the mountains.

It was close enough, though, so I completed my dual Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Special Education with an emphasis in Mental Retardation.  During my college years, I spent one semester at La Poggerina, a school outside Florence, Italy, studying Italian, cooking, photography, Renaissance art and Museums.  A friend and I then continued to travel, backpacking throughout Europe and spending time at the Oktoberfest in Munich, experiencing darkness at noon in Norway, and singing old tunes the pubs of Scotland while drinking Scotch and Ale.  After graduating, I moved to Montana and taught Kindergarten part time and was an itinerarant teacher for children with learning disabilities at schools all around Flathead Lake in northwest Montana.

During the federal cuts of school programs in the 80’s, my position was terminated.  Since I was getting ready to be married and about to start a family, I decided I needed to make more money than what a teacher’s salary provided.  We decided to move to California to run a portion of the family business selling landcaping products to contractors and homeowners.  I later converted that to a road construction supply business where I sold and rented traffic safety products for the booming road construction and highway repairs that were taking place at the time.

During these years I was fortunate enough to travel to Japan and Europe.  I backpacked and traveled by train in my college years from Italy to Norway.  My first wedding anniversary was spent driving from Germany to Greece and Italy to Scotland.  I toured Italy with the University of Santa Clara, visiting Venice, Verona, Florence, and Rome…and being a Catholic school, of course, a private tour of the Vatican and an audience with the Pope.

I was never satisfied working in the family business and discovered it was not what I wanted to do the rest of my life. I began playing around with the computers at a friends travel agency.  Working lunch hours and weekends, I learned the airlines reservations systems and learned how the travel business operated.  I was able to sell my part of the family business to pursue my interest in travel sales.  This time was a huge period of change for me.

I divorced, discovered myself as a gay man, and learned what all I’d missed during my married life.  My friend and I decided to open our own business and opened All Points Travel in downtown San Jose; focusing on trips to Hawai’i and Gay Cruises and Tours.  After a brief success, we parted ways and I merged with another agency which grew to three agencies in Los Gatos, downtown San Francisco, and the Napa Valley.  During that time, I was able to take several cruises in the Caribbean, the Greek Islands, and Alaska.  I was also able to travel to Fiji and of course, spent quite a bit of time in my favorite vacations spot, Hawai’i.  I learned about Gay travel, exotic destinations and cruising; all of which were very new to me.

In the mean time, my kids and their mother had moved to Colorado, and over the years, I traveled there each month for long weekend visits with my kids while bringing them to California for Summers and Holidays.  In 1999, my kids needed more of my attention, so I decided to move to Colorado.  In order to take part in my kids’ schooling and activities and handle the challenges of a single parent, I continued my travel business as a home based business.  I worked from home until 2001 but had to find another source of income after September 11 because of the downtown in the travel business.

I went to work for Outrigger Hotels, a chain of hotels in Hawai’i and the South Pacific; first as a reservation agent, and then as a manager of their wholesale department,  working with suppliers such as Apple, Funjet, and Classic Vacations.  I continued working with Outrigger until 2004 when I decided that the corporate life wasn’t my cup of tea.  I missed selling travel and decided to return to self employment by joining forces with All-Inclusive Vacations.

Since the main focus with All-Inclusive Vacations, in keeping with our name, is providing vacations to the resorts of Mexico, Caribbean, and Central America, I’ve focused my travels to these wonderful destinations.  I’ve been very fortunate, during business travel and personal vacations, to visit the tourist areas of Mexico (Cancun and the Riviera Maya, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Ixtapa, and Acapulco), Costa Rica, and several islands in the Caribbean.  I feel that my experiences help provide me with the expertice to help my clients find the best vacation possible.  By experiencing everything firsthand, I feel I’m able to personalize vacations to meet my clients needs and budgets and provide suggestions to make their holiday so much better than they could have done on their own.

Most recently, I’ve been involved in helping plan honeymoons and destination weddings.  I’ve enjoyed helping many couples plan their dream wedding with very little effort.  I feel that my job is to help plan the best wedding or honeymoon possible allowing the bride and groom to focus on the ceremony itself.  Many brides have told me that my work has relieved them of so much stress, they’ve been able to really enjoy their own wedding.  With me dealing directly with friends and family, brides and grooms are able to turn over the stresses of booking travel on to my shoulders, allowing them to focus on what they should, the ceremony and making their day as special as possible.

I’ve enjoyed working with many types of clients. I’ve provided car rentals in Omaha, Cruises and Tours in Alaska, a condo in Key West, a resort in Cancun, and a day by day personalized 3-country tour of Europe.  I’ve enjoyed setting up a small group of friends to meet at a resort in Puerto Vallarta and have sent over 100 people to attend a wedding in Cancun.  I’ve set up a private tour of the little-known Vasari Corridor in Florence and provided a honeymoon couple with a room category they were told couldn’t happen.  I pride myself in developing the vendor relationships necessary to make sure my clients are well taken care of.  I can’t always make things happen, but I do my best to make sure that whatever can be done, will be done.

Clients call and ask if I can help them.  They’re frustrated that the internet can only go so far.  What most people don’t understand is that I have access to most everything to do with travel.  I have my own special personal experiences.  I can make a simple car reservation.  I can book a flight with any airline.  I have access to almost every hotel in the world.  And I can create a complex itinerary that includes your craziest dreams and your most amazing expectations.  And I don’t mind doing any of it, no matter the cost.  I may have to charge a small fee to do so.  I may only make $7 commission for that Travelodge in Tulsa.  But I also know that some day you’re going to take a three week African Safari or purchase that Penthouse on that cruiseship in the Baltic Sea.  At least I hope you will…and when you do, I hope to join you.  I love to travel!


Got back last evening and once again Secrets did not disappoint us!! We had a wonderful relaxing vacation. I think our biggest decisions were to lounge at the beach or pool? margarita or cerveza? and where to eat?

Joan Feil and Al Cohn, Denver, Colorado USA


Jeff GregoryJeff Gregory CTC, MCC

“Lucky me! I fell into the travel business.”

Growing up as a kid in Denver, my parents didn’t have a lot of extra money. So, as a result, my brother and I have many fond memories taking camping trips with Mom and Dad, our grandparents and our dog, Mr. Chips. Mount Rushmore, Carlsbad Caverns, and the Grand Canyon were all I knew until I graduated from high school in 1983.

The travel business found Jeff.
I had very good grades in school, but we never talked about my going to college. With no idea where I was heading, an opportunity presented itself to apprentice at a travel agency owned by friends of the family. I jumped at the chance! They took me in graciously… trained me… gave me a good foundation and lots of encouragement.

Indentured servitude was never to my liking, so in 6 short months, I found a position at another travel agency making only $4 an hour. However, one of the perks is being able to travel. After my first couple of trips abroad, my mind was blown and I was hooked! I’ve always considered myself to be open-minded, but traveling as a young person vastly expanded my world-view and helped me see the world through new and different eyes. I was meeting people and seeing cultures I had only read about in books.

Keeping it exciting.
As for the money, I’ve learned that if you strive to follow the golden rule, good people will respond in kind; and money will follow.

In the 27 years I’ve been a travel advisor, both the business and I have changed dramatically, but we’ve kept each other good company. Along the way, I’ve earned my CTC (Certified Travel Counselor) and MCC (Master Cruise Counselor) designations.

I’ve kept my one and only career exciting by moving from employee to independent contractor to business owner/entrepreneur. In June of 1999, with my life and business partner Steve Lord, we opened our doors as All-Inclusive Vacations, Inc.

Traveling has shaped the way I think about the world.
I often say that the travel business found me, but in a real sense the travel business has helped me find myself. It’s shaped my world-vision: I envision a world in which there are fewer conflicts because it’s inherently harder to dislike other people when you’ve been to their country, had dinner with them, laughed with them, and remember them fondly.


Steve LordSteve Lord, ACC

For me, it feels like, “everything I’ve done in my life so far has lead me to this moment”

Steve Lord reflects on the travel industry.

It’s a journey…how your life unfolds and what you do with your time on the planet. And to think there are billions of us around the world each with our own story to tell.

But, this story is about one man, Stephen Lord; life partner to Jeff Gregory and co-owner of All-Inclusive Vacations in Denver Colorado.

Steve was born on March 7th, 1956 to parents Hank and Rita Lord. Hank and Rita are healthy, have been married for 56 years and also live in Colorado. But that’s not where this story begins. It begins in New York.

The year is 1952. The new, Miss Liberty is drawing throngs of tourists to Manhattan. Electric cable cars are ending their long run, being replaced by long shiny Buicks as the “preferred” mode of personal transportation. New York was a happy, noisy city of juke box cafés filled with young, cigarette smoking “20 somethings” donning a coat of new independence brought about by our success in the European theatre, military talk for World War II.

In walks Dad, one of those impatient “young bucks” in his early 20’s having recently returned home from a tour of duty in Japan. You see, he had left home and joined the Army.

Mom, (who’s always been stubborn and independent) left her small town too and took a job with the Government, as well. Only, she was a civilian employee at Ft. Devons…processing the paperwork for returnees (like my Dad) who, at that point, could have cared less about anything but having a good time.

Hank and Rita met in that processing office, married, and 3 years later had given birth to my older sister and me. As a post-war family we lived easily for the next 9 years on the Army Post in Rockaway Beach, Brooklyn NY.

My early days were filled with flying kites and swimming in the ocean. I loved the beach. Dad and I would collect clams, and use them for bait to go fishing for Sea Bass. Mom tended the home and worked part time in the library introducing me to new 45’s that came in. Back then, libraries had listening rooms with record players and Do-Wop was giving way to the Beatles and Motown.

When I turned 10, the traveling began.

Dad’s military career took us first to California. From there we went overseas to the Pacific. We bought and sold homes in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Colorado before I too, graduated from college, left home and went in the Air Force. I traveled some more; Texas, Alabama, Florida, the UK. But when my parents decided to settle in Colorado in 1984, I decided to join them.

I was an impatient “20 something” at the time, but I was growing tired of just having a good time. I took a job in sales and went to night school and got my Masters in Business. I spent 15 years working with wholesalers, retailers and customers all within the state of Colorado. I learned to listen and feel what my clients were telling me. I paid a lot of attention to the details.

I met my partner Jeff at a dinner in 1993, and soon learned just how like my parents I was: impatient, stubborn and independent. Jeff is quiet, more even-tempered and good with numbers. We parlayed our strengths and opened All-Inclusive Vacations in June of 1999. Airlines had stopped paying commissions and we needed to develop a leisure vacation clientele. That seemed right up my alley.

Jeff had the intuition to call our new company after a growing segment of the beach resort business, all-inclusive. I plied my sales and marketing experience to getting us some new customers. The combination worked! And we have grown into a three million dollar travel agency all the while on-line travel giants (who shall remain nameless) have carved out a piece of the sales pie for themselves. It has been a roller coaster ride. The changes keep coming…not unlike so many other careers, I keep reminding myself. But, I would definitely say that one of our keys to success is that we are adaptable. But along with setbacks like the events of Sept 2001 and H1N1 flu, there have been many wonderful success stories and happy letters we continue to receive from our clients.

I love to talk about places I’ve been to and things we’ve done. Surfing and sailing are still on my “bucket list.” Talking helps give clients some ideas as to where they’d like to go and what they’d like to do on their vacation. I write a lot of the hotel reviews you’ll find posted on our blog. It’s nothing for me to walk on site to 5 or 6 hotels in a day then order room service that night so I can stay in and write down my thoughts. I have a rather candid opinion about things. And while I don’t mean to offend anyone, please get your whining done before you call or e-mail me. You won’t see it of course, but you may feel me rolling my eyes.

Steve focuses his work on cruise vacations and beach resort vacations in the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America. In the United States he is comfortable with Hawaii, California, Seattle, Las Vegas and Florida.


Thank you for checking in with me, I’ve been meaning to get a hold of you and let you know that we had a wonderful time in Puerto Vallarta.  The hotel was wonderful, everyone was very nice, the rooms were clean and kept up nicely, the variety of foods was nice…. Thank you!!!

Shannon Burton, Denver, Colorado USA

Thea Foley, MCC

I grew up in Phoenix. As a family, we took a vacation every summer. This was usually in August—after softball and swimming lessons were done for the summer season. We drove in the family car, staying in motels along the way. We only went in one direction—west.

A consequence of these single direction series of journeys is that I know a lot about the attractions, theme parks, places to see and things to do on the West Coast. If you want to get away to Southern California, I can provide the details to maximize your vacation. How about the Pacific Northwest? My familiarity with this region can move you from airport to ferry to the beautiful islands near Vancouver and Victoria. When you return you will have lasting memories to share. Have you taken the “wine train” in the Napa Valley? I can make this happen for you. And while you’re there, would you prefer a hotel or a bed and breakfast? Just let me know. I will embrace the smallest request and bring it to life for you.

My curiosity about travel and the overall substance of each vacation has led me to the north, south and east as well. Not only have I been fortunate enough to visit many areas of our homeland, I can count among my personal journeys many other incredible destinations.

I know the best beaches.

I can make sure you climb the 900+ steps to a monastery in Greece; the zoo in Sydney is one of the best, and while you’re there, I can arrange a tour of the Opera House. I know the 3 A’s of travel. No, not that one—Asia, Australia and Africa. I’ve been fortunate to have traveled to many of the world’s fascinating cities. Hawaii and Mexico are favorite destinations as the resort areas are easily accessible and the resort hosts are friendly and helpful. My trip to South America was during an eclipse of the moon. What an awesome event to witness with a southern exposure!

Do you want to talk about cruising?

My husband and I have cruised 21 times—so far! We’ve cruised on ships and cruise lines which aren’t around anymore! Cruising can take you to a variety of destinations. What is especially nice about this experience is that you can return to one of your ports of call and have a longer stay at another time. The cruise will give you a sampling of the island or city or culture. Choose what you like and use this as a foundation for building another memorable journey. I am here to guide and assist you in your choices. I am sure we can learn from each other through this process. By the way, if you are considering Alaska, I may attempt to stowaway. America’s last frontier—absolutely amazing!

I started in the travel business in the mid 1980s.

Yes, that’s a little over 25 years now. My first assignment in this business was to do the weekly report on airline tickets. While this report is still a mandatory requirement of travel agencies, my interests and involvement in the business quickly changed to working on travel itineraries for friends and family. Referrals from these sources over the years have proven to be among the best ways to work with a wide variety of vacation and business travelers.

I have training and education in many destinations. I am a Master Cruise Counselor and a certified specialist for Mexico and Hawaii. Destination weddings, honeymoons and romance vacations, and family vacations and reunions are a specialty as well. The topic may be general, but the personal service and experience makes me a great travel advisor.

Where do you want to go? I’m ready to get started. . . .

Kathie Angotti

Kathie Angotti


Rich Hugo

Rich Hugo

I grew up in Kirkwood, Mo (a suburb of St. Louis). After high school I attended Westminster College in Fulton, MO to study chemistry and where I also became involved in singing folk music. A year and a half later, I changed my major to music education and transferred to the University of Missouri. There I received my Bachelor of Science and Masters of Education degrees and landed a job teaching high school choir and guitar in Carlsbad, New Mexico for ten years and then moved to Colorado.

After 32 years of teaching, I retired and decided to find a new career that was different, but still involved working with people. A friend, who also taught music in the public schools had become a travel adviser and encouraged me into having an interview at the travel firm where he was working. They took me in, trained me and I became a home based travel consultant and acquired new clients.

During my 13 years as a travel adviser have traveled to many of the beach resort cities in Mexico including Cancun, the Playa del Carmen area, Los Cabos, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. I’ve been a member of the Caribbean Travel Organization (CTO) and traveled to several Caribbean islands. I am also a member of the Shamrock Club, an organization designed by the Irish Tourist Bureau for Ireland specialists. I’ve traveled to Ireland a number of times and with my music background, I love to sing Irish folk music.

My experience booking individuals and groups has been very rewarding and I hope to continue as a travel consultant for years to come.

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Planning and arranging a vacation with All Inclusive Vacations is unlike anything you've experienced with other travel agencies or online travel booking websites. That's because we are NOT salespeople or order takers, we're experts -- experts at travel locations, hotels, cities and activities. With an A+ rating from the Denver Metro BBB, we are the travel experts you can trust and look forward to working with again and again!

Whether it's a spur of the moment trip for two...or a week long wedding extravaganza for friends and family, we provide a level of knowledge, experience and service that is rare in today's travel industry. We are not some faceless, corporate online travel website and when you call us...you'll speak to a local, live person who knows the All Inclusive travel business inside and out.

Our team of travel experts are just that -- experts you can trust. We invite you to meet our incredible team...Jeff Gregory, Steve Lord, Bob Collishaw and Thea Foley. We're here to make your all inclusive vacation, wedding or honeymoon the best and most memorable experience possible!

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